Google announces first its own cable across the Atlantic

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جوجل تعلن عن أول كابل خاص بها عبر المحيط الأطلسي

Announced Google on its latest move with regard to the draft marine cables, and at a time when the company invested in its cloud infrastructure, which extends the new project, known as the Dunant Dunant, across the Atlantic, from Virginia Beach in the United States to the Atlantic coast of France, according to a statement the company, it comes to expand its network, which is the largest network in the world, to help them to provide better service to their customers.

The giant search has announced this year about the expanded in the structure of its global cloud, in order to assist them in providing high quality services to its customers, as it provided suitable cloud new in the Netherlands, Montreal, Finland and Los Angeles, and invested in three submarine cable under the sea is Havfrue, HK-G, JGA-S, which make it become the first major company not working in the field of communications adopted the Kabul InterContinental with its investment in Korean author.

It is expected that the cable Dunant in late 2020, so that it provides additional capacity across the Atlantic for one of more tracks of the busiest on the internet, and also supports the growth of the services Google Cloud Google Cloud, the company is working with company equipment and communications TE SubCom design, manufacture, and cable Dunant in the service, which will provide connections cloud high bandwidth and time delay is low and safety is high between the United States and Europe.

It is reported cable path cable Microsoft, Facebook has a total length of 6600 km, is located more than 17 thousand feet beneath the Atlantic Ocean, called Marea, which was completed last year, and from Virginia Beach to Bilbao on the north coast of Spain, where the author meet the growing demand for cloud services by providing bandwidth up to a capacity of 160 TB in the third unit, which began work in August 2016.

Google invested so far in 13 system cabling sub-dating back to a decade, but her efforts are current represents only the second special exception is made by the company, as announced earlier this year the first single investment in full in the new cable connects Los Angeles with Chile in South America, Google has added a few months after a new project when the investment in the cable system under the sea starring 6,000 miles connects Japan and Australia.

Investing giant sea in the submarine cable to expand operations to the cloud, including data centers around the world, where you need to work the cloud to the remote network range of cables capable of transferring data between its servers, without further delay, in order to connect the dots between the structure of its ground maneuver in all around the world.

It should be noted the presence of many large Internet companies that invest in the projects of submarine cable also, where in the last year the company SoftBank, facebook, and Amazon within the system cable length is 8800 miles, which is expected to launch in the next two years.

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