Google announces her laptop Pixelbook Go

Announced Google today Tuesday during an event Gear its Made by Google ’19 on her laptop the new (Pixel Facebook Joe) Pixelbook Go, which comes a continuation of the computer (pixels MacBook) Pixelbook, which was launched in the year 2017.

Google said in a publication on her blog: “we introduced in 2017 (Pixel Facebook), computers (Chromebook) Chromebook high performance can adapt to your needs. And now make it available to more people with (pixels MacBook atmosphere)”.

The company added that the computer, which weighs 900 grams and do not exceed a thickness of 13 millimeters, users can carry it wherever they went. However, it is available at a price of 649 USD, it offers all the advantages provided by the computer (pixels Facebook), including a keyboard with a backlight, and touch screens measuring 13.3 inches, and is available in Black, Pink.

The computer also its structure made of magnesium which gives it its light weight. It has enough battery to work for 12 hours. Can get two hours of battery life once you charge it for half an hour.

It is believed that Google is trying to through her computer, the new promotion’s computers (Chrome Book) Sponsored by The because it works the operating system (Chrome OS) ChromeOS of no, especially that the company has to offer from this category computers at exorbitant prices compared to computers (Chromebook) that provides other companies, as the price of the computer (pixels MacBook), and(Pixel Slater) Pixel Slate about 1000 USD.

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And with that computer (pixel Facebook Joe) is available at a price of 649 USD, but that price is up to $ 1,400 dollars depending on the specifications of the interior. It also differs from the computer (pixels MacBook) that you can’t manage a 360-degree live computer tablet. It also comes without a stylus.

Recall that the standard version of the computer – available at a price of 649 USD – containing processor type (Intel it) Intel M3, and a memory random access (RAM) size 8 GB.

This; the Google said: the previous request on the computer is open since today users in the United States, Canada, and in the month of January next users in the United Kingdom.

Referred to that today’s event also witnessed the announcement of other products, including my phone. (Pixel 4), and(4 Pixel XL), earpiece wireless (Pixel bound) Pixel Buds, as the company announced the launch date of the broadcast service games (state).

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