Google announces keys Titan to strengthen Internet Security

Yesterday I came across Google on a report by KrebsOnSecurity that suggests that more than 85 thousand employees at Google have not learned the operations of hacking accounts or hack on their devices thanks to the security keys Security Keys from the company Yubico.

The interests of Google to report and pay its ongoing about the idea it seems it was an introduction to what announced by the company earlier, where they announced Google officially about the security keys of its own for authentication binary download the name of the Titan .

As is the case with the keys Yuba Banco the key to Titan your Google comes by all compliant with the standards of FIDO, but the one with Bluetooth support for mobile devices and one is plugged directly to the USB port of your computer.

Keys Google of the parliament will be available during the subsequent period through the company store at prices not to exceed $ 20 without setting a time frame long .


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