Google announces the second version of the system of the augmented reality Glass

Announced Google on Monday announced the launch of a new version of the system and augmented reality oriented to the business sector “Glass” Glass, which is the version that became with the glasses Forum officially, rather than a prototype for testing.

Said the giant American technology in a publication on her blog: The Cleaner “Glass Enterprise Edition 2” Glass Enterprise Edition 2 will be available at a price of 999 USD, and will be sold directly to consumers.

Google announces the second version of the system of the augmented reality Glass

Google has added to the new version of the system augmented reality comes with new processor, camera enhancer, port, “USB – C” USB-C to run more quickly, in addition to a number of other updates.

Google hopes to find Glass Enterprise Edition 2 its way to consumers, it aims to “meet the demand in the developing market for wearable devices in business environments”.

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And different systems design of the new car for the design that I knew him through the years, but it has become include hardware strong, including: a processor “Snapdragon X are” designed for virtual reality and augmented reality. Google says that this processor will increase the capacity of the glasses in the areas of computer vision, machine learning, advanced.

Comes the new generation of the system of augmented reality with frames of the new security in collaboration with the company optics “Smith Optics” Smith Optics, in addition to a larger battery, it also works with Android operating system, with support for platform management of mobile devices in the business sector.

And Google has announced a system of “glass” first by about 6 years, then launched a developer version for a limited period on 15 April 2013 at a price high of USD 1,500, before the glasses back on 15 May 2014. But for reasons of privacy and effectiveness, have not received the glasses merchantability hoped.

To remedy these problems, the Google invent glasses, and made her a wave for work environments, such as doctors, surgeons, factory workers, in addition to other artisans.

Referred to as that Google is not the only one in its quest to provide the augmented reality glasses oriented business, as they compete with other companies, most notably Microsoft, which has launched so far two generations of system a “house” HoloLens, which powers the best.

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