Google announces to bring her digital Google Assistant to more devices

In the framework of the compete with Amazon and others, Google has announced about bringing her assistant digital Google Assistant to more devices.

We said yesterday There is no doubt that artificial intelligence will be in the coming years is the final say in the superiority of technology companies, especially after it became a concern for everyone.

As previously expected, the artificial intelligence will be the field of competition law for companies, which is confirmed by ads that are currently taking place during the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2018, and it may not be wrong if we called the current year the name “general digital assistants in place”.

After that arrived the aid of the digital to TVs from LG andSamsung, andIn-Ear Headphones JBL, anda TV the kitchen from Philips, here is the Google know that her assistant digital Google Assistant, which hasn’t been launched only a year and a half, became available on more devices.

Google said in a post on her blog: “over the past year, we’ve been working on bringing the Assistant into more devices in more places, and it is now available on more than 400 million devices”.

To review the success of Google in this area, reported that they sell in every second of your Google Home since the launch of the Home Mini in the month of October last.

Building on that success, the company announced bringing Google Assistant to more speakers from companies such as Altec Lansing, and the Anker Innovations, and Band & Olufsen, and Braven, iHome, JBL, Jensen, LG, and Lipsch, and Knit Audion, and Memorex, and RIVA, and SōLI.

Because many users prefer visual experience on Audio, especially when it comes to visual content such as share photos, videos, Add to make video calls, Google also announced about bringing Google’s Assistant to what she described as “smart screens”.

And of smart you’re talking about Google are devices that reproduce the idea of your Echo Show from Amazon, since it consists primarily of a touch screen measuring 8 or 10 inches front camera, and speaker Built-in sound.

Google said that the Google Assistant will be, the later of the current year, available on the screen of the smart of the four companies, is JBL, and Lenovo, and LG.

What do you think about the endeavours of Google? Do you think they will be able to negotiate on Amazon? Share your opinion the comments.


Source: Google announces to bring her digital Google Assistant to more devices

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