Google App challenge by the Duo to feature screen sharing in the Android

قوقل تُحدّث تطبيقها Duo ليدعم ميزة مشاركة الشاشة في أندرويد

قوقل تُحدّث تطبيقها Duo ليدعم ميزة مشاركة الشاشة في أندرويد

Try Google to proceed with its services the least used, this does not mean lack of importance of these services, but quite the contrary, but human nature is available for the most popular among other users, for example, in the circle of messaging and spices, for the application of the two Duo and Allo the first talks visual the second voice conversations and text messaging, but no one overlooked the giants in this field and they are WhatsApp user and Skype and other services, so I don’t see Iqbal by users in reliance on the Duo.

No matter if you’re one of the users of the app, We you that got the update task currently supports the Android operating system, focused update on the technical support for compatibility between parents and friends, where the feature supports screen sharing during a call.

To access this feature simply click on your screen to see the icon to share your screen a new and specifically click the camera icon, and when you click on this icon you will be warned that the Duo will start in the display of everything on your screen, if you choose to continue, there is a red border is the content of the screen that can see the person on the other end, it also shows a pair of the Red buttons give you a way to stop the screen sharing at any time.

Finally the update is now available on the app page on the store Google Play, with reference to water exposed to collapse with users, and other users things were normal, irreproachable.


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