Google apply for a license to allow him to continue to work with Huawei


Reportedly, it has made Google company apply for an exemption from the U.S. government, which will enable it to re-license to buy a Huawei to use application packages and affiliate services.

As all of you probably know, the company Huawei is listed in the black list of the U.S. government since May of 2019, which means that they are unable to deal with American companies and use their own technologies, which includes application packages and services of the company Google in its portable, unless excluded by the U.S. government specifically. Microsoft is one of the companies that received the exemption and can now deal with Huawei.

If you have been granted an exemption similar to buy Google, can Huawei to update its existing on the spot to get the apps and services Google well-known acronym in the name of Google Mobile Services, this means that the phones Huawei you will get the right to run applications and services like Google Play Store and Google Maps and Google Photos and Youtube and Gmail.

I have a Huawei currently package applications and services which carry the name Huawei Mobile Services which have been developed to operate as an alternative to the package of Google Mobile Services, but packages of the company Huawei is still very limited, and not a substitute for the full package of Google Mobile Services.

Some users to download Google applications on the form of APK files and install them manually on the phones Huawei their own, but be warned Google that it opens the door for a potential hacker to create a fake Google apps and users ‘ computers at risk.

Now, it remains to be seen whether Google will get an exemption to resume work with Huawei or when it might happen.

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