Google arise site dedicated to develop Android games

قوقل تُنشأ موقعًا مخصصًا لتطوير ألعاب أندرويد

Make up games are a large part of the programming of the Android system, so it makes sense to have a company Google development platforms dedicated only for games, and in this regard the company announced today that it has established a new portal for topics related to the development of Android games, and this announcement comes prior to the Games Developers Conference 2019 “Game Developer Conference 2019”, which starts in just a few days.

In turn, if you’re interested you can visit the website here, where it contains links of important subjects, such as login behavior and development unit, support for 64-bit, as well as the included resources and tools can be leveraged at each stage of development, perhaps the great thing on this site, it offers all topics related to the development of games in one place.

Finally this will be the new location of window is important and useful to developers, especially new developers, as the gaming conference GDC, we may see more content anti.

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