Google Arts & Culture Find more like people in your paintings around the world

Looking Google Arts & Culture in all artistic photo facial “porter” around the world live on more like a person.

Do you ever think that there would be somewhere in the world a portrait of the face of someone like you, that’s what he’s trying to apply the Google Arts & Culture; in updated last, to help you figure it out.

The company launched Google + yesterday a new update for the Google Arts & Culture allows you to capture a photo of “selfie”, using facial recognition technology, the application looks in all the pictures the professional facial “porter” found in museums around the world, to find like people.

When I found the app on someone, shows your image along with sound Technical, in addition to a percentage of the amount of compatibility in shape between two images, with the possibility to share the results on social networks, of course, if you dare ?

Google seems to suggest it with the spread of the phenomenon in which the number of visitors to museums and take pictures of them with pictures of the art like them.

You can download the latest version of the Google App Arts & Culture from the store Google Play, as you can download them and install them manually via this link.

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Source: the Google App Arts & Culture Find more like people in your paintings around the world

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