Google asked the antivirus companies to look for viruses in Google Play

The security theater is what Google is doing pretending to be trying to fight malicious apps in the Google Play. What she did to eliminate the threat from a company catalogue, but virtually all attempts to clean up Google Play was not produced tangible results, and how the attackers bypassed Google’s defense mechanisms and bypass them. Not helped even by system antivirus Google Play Protect applications relying on the contents of harmful components. Be can App Defense Alliance can at least do something to help?

Google Play will be safer thanks to the experts of antivirus companies

What is App Defense Alliance

Today Google announced the launch of a new initiative called App Defense Alliance, a development which will engage in cooperation with experts in the field of cyber security companies ESET, Lookout and Zimperium. Within its framework it is planned to combine different systems to identify malicious applications with the aim of increasing their effectiveness. According to Google, different approaches of companies to search FOR will minimize the probability of their penetration in Google Play and will make the catalog more clean and safe for users.

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“Within the Alliance we plan to combine the detection system threat ON Google Play Protect with search mechanisms of each of the partners. This will allow to obtain additional information about the risks that create apps that are queued for publication. Our partners will analyze the information obtained and evaluate them with fresh eyes before they get into the catalog,” wrote the Google blog the head of the security and privacy of the Android operating system.

Search malicious apps in Google Play

According to representatives of Google, the company has relied on these partners for their enormous experience. The fact that a rare publication in mass media complete without mention of the experts of ESET, Lookout and Zimperium. And if so, then it turns out that they work better than their competitors, effectively identifying malware, hacker attacks and other potential threats that may face the users of Android. And things I say all the best words, concluded in the company.

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I’m usually pretty skeptical of new initiatives by Google, the aim of which is to efficiently locate the malware and prevent it further in Google Play. However, this time I changed myself. If researchers in the field of cyber security companies like ESET and Lookout really take on the threat detection application, maybe this will be something good. In any case, they regularly warn about the detection of certain Trojans that infiltrated Google Play. But if Google immediately allow them to check ON, it is hoped that the directory search giant will eventually become as clean as the App Store.

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