Google Assistant.. control easier in your phone in ways that you don’t know

Become Google Assistant enjoys the great fame about the beginning of its launch, and Google updating more every a period where I often see news added a new feature to its advantages that has now become full of the benefits that could be don’t know yet or don’t know at least some.

In this article, a number of the advantages of the Google Assistant which may be you may not know it until now, and the advantages and useful to users of Android no matter what kind of their use of the phone.

Control your home with your voice

Google Assistant.. تحكم أسهل في هاتفك بطرق لا تعرفها

Called Google Assistant product Google home, but it also supports other products in the Nest وPhilips Hue وBelkin and others, you’ll be able to control the temperature of the room by the sound of you and also to close and open the lights.

Recently became a Google Assistant supports the deal with the Chromecast, where you can watch movies or serials that are stored on your phone when you connect to the same Wi-Fi network, watch Netflix or YouTube on the TV connected to.

Access things very quickly

Google Assistant.. تحكم أسهل في هاتفك بطرق لا تعرفها

You can use the Google Assistant in opening and closing the Wi-Fi of your phone, as you can use it for the Bluetooth and NFC as well as flight mode.

It uses the wonderful also that you open the app via the Google Assistant, for example you have to say “Ok, Google, Open Whatsapp” replaced with WhatsApp any other app.

Search photos easily

Google Assistant.. تحكم أسهل في هاتفك بطرق لا تعرفها

If you have a lot of photos on the phone. Whether you travel often or any other reason, the application of Google Photos has intelligent algorithms to classify the images automatically without that cooperation, in terms of the place of capture, image content, and the presence of people. Fortunately of the advantages of Google Assistant is a support application for Google Photos.

You can using a Google account just to say, “Show me pictures from Mekka” for example to show you the pictures in Mecca, where the result inside the pictures application your company’s Google Photos. If not find a photo or not to photo application works you will be redirected to the page search for images through the search engine Google.

This is more important if you’re one of the interested services of Google Assistant and its features, and you have the advantages similar to in your e-mail and appointments on the result and other.

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