Google Assistant for Android has received a new mode

Google introduced its front-end update “Google Assistant” for Android. A new app called Snapshot. Thanks to her in the window the voice assistant will appear not only transcribed dialogues, and collections of other useful information. They will include summaries of the weather in the area where the user is located, a list of scheduled meetings from the Calendar, reminders, notes, interesting activities nearby, and much more. All information will be updated in real time, considering all the changes.

Google Assistant has become even easier with the latest update

Google Assistant turned on by itself. What to do

Despite the fact that by and large the Snapshot is a fairly heavily trafficked update that, in fact, in no way extends the “Google Assistant,” and only aggregates information, access to which he has already, in fact, the decision of Google to bring it to the screen is quite useful. After all, it only brings the assistant to be called your personal assistant or, if you prefer, a personal Secretary who is always in a state of combat readiness with the list of actual data.

How to use Google Assistant

Will explain on your example. Most often I turn to “Google Assistant” with the question about the weather. On my smartphone there is a special application with the weather as some, so to voice forecast for today, I ask assistant. It is really faster than access, for example, the Yandex main page, and then go to the section with the weather and see how it will change throughout the day. And thanks to the update now you can not even pronounce the query itself, and just call the assistant and look at the screen: the required information will appear automatically.

Google adds Google Assistant sensitivity settings

The content of the Snapshot is customizable and varies depending on your preferences. Let’s say you don’t want to see in the interface of “Google Assistant” events and activities that take place nearby, and I wish, for example, keeps track of birthdays of friends and work colleagues. So you just take out the unit calendar on the screen and sees it. Moreover, if you wish, you can disable all these tips and use the assistant as a voice assistant, answering questions, and nothing more.

Google Update Assistant

Apparently, this update, like many before him, extends not through Google Play, and by applying the changes on the Google servers. For this reason, to access the updated interface “Google Assistant” right now will not be for everyone. So all you can do is wait. It is obvious that it will take several days and the changes will take effect, you open the opportunity to look at familiar, it would seem that the service can significantly facilitate your interaction with the smartphone.

Google has taught the Google Assistant to read the text on the screen aloud

“Google” is an extremely useful voice assistant. Personally I’ve never come across a more functional solution, able to perform such a wide range of tasks. Until recently, I used it and grief do not know, but at some point I realized that the “Alice” from Yandex , for me, is a more preferable option for several reasons. Despite the fact that it can’t take up half of the possibilities, “Google Assistant”, the “Alice” excellent pronunciation, which doesn’t scare you, and also hidden features, which for me was more important and more useful.

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