Google Assistant for Android teach new tricks to work on the lock screen

Despite the fact that voice assistants are gradually coming into our lives, for the most part they are still very far from becoming a full-fledged assistants. And it’s not so much the problems of development as in user security, which some voice assistants often unwittingly violate. However, Google would not be myself if I ignored the functionality in favor of protecting user secrets, and therefore decided to extend the capabilities of Google Assistant when working on the lock screen.

Some Android users have the opportunity to send messages by voice with Google’s Assistant right from the lock screen. Rather, the changes came into effect on the Google servers, since the emergence of innovations was not preceded by the update application or system Google Play services, which could be associated assistant.

How to send a message by voice for Android

To send a message from the lock screen, you need to call Google Assistant and say something like “Send a message” with the name of the recipient whose contact is saved in your address book, and then dictate the text message. All this can be done with a single command, however, if you do not have time to finish the message, it is possible to add or correct if you re-appeal to the assistant. At the end of the dictation Google Assistant said if all written is true and sends the message to the recipient.

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Convenience function to send messages from the lock screen is difficult to overestimate, but its existence is contrary to the security reasons. Due to the fact that Google turned off the Voice Match technology, which identified the owner of the voice, now send a message from your smartphone, anyone can if you possess them even for a few seconds, risking to expose you to the recipient.

Why is it bad

To solve this problem, in General, possible. Enough to teach Google Assistant to distinguish the voices. As a result, if someone else tries to send a message, the assistant recognizes him as a stranger and refuse to upload. However, for this, most likely, developers, and engineers at Google would have to do a lot of work that, given such a small reason, as the safety of users, in the system of values of the company simply impractical.

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