Google Assistant for iOS gets new update to support Siri Shortcuts

Google Assistant for ios

I always took Google apps the back seat behind the app is a subsidiary of Apple in the operating systems of the latter, whether it maps, music, or digital assistance. Let’s face it, he finds several people that the digital assistant Siri is inferior to Google’s Assistant in many aspects including voice recognition. Make the news of the day easy access to Google Assistant via feature Siri Shortcuts.

Supports the latest version of Google Assistant for iOS feature Siri Shortcuts, which allows you to programming the list of tasks to be performed using a voice with Siri or the telly to add to the Home screen. Now, you can program Siri Shortcuts to open the digital assistant Google Assistant using the words you choose. For example, you can say ” Goodnight ” to the digital assistant Siri will automatically activate the Do Not Disturb mode and run the filter the blue light.

You can program the phrase ” Hey Google ” for short to run Google Assistant. After opening the app, will Google Assistant voice command immediately. This means that you can say “Hey Siri, Hey, Google”, then wait a few seconds to open the Google Assistant and ask them to accomplish the task that you want.

It’s not the most elegant solution, but it’s better than saying “Hey Siri, open Google Assistant” and wait to decide after it a Hey Google followed by the command you want. Just hope I don’t get hurt Siri.



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