Google Assistant is superior to all aid, digital IQ test

Competing technical companies in the development of the digital assistance, especially after becoming more users rely on a lot of things, whether via smart phones or smart speakers, Google Assistant one of these assistance shows that the most intelligent also.

Research company called LoupVenture the design of the IQ test IQ and experience on the highlights of the digital assistants they assistant Google, Siri from Apple and cortana from Microsoft, and Alexa of the Amazon. Where got assistance four about 800 questions in 5 categories are places, online, navigation, general information (like the questions What, who, why), and leadership.

Google Assistant

According to the results of the Google Assistant is the most intelligent post that answered 86% of the questions correctly understand all questions directed to her, ahead of Siri, who got a 79% Alexa which achieved a 61% of correct answers in the browser cortana ranked last by only 52%. The adoption of the correct answer according to the measure of the two the capacity of the digital assistant to understand the question and its ability to provide the correct answer.

Compared to the test conducted by the company itself last year, we can note that all the digital assistants have been developed its performance as a digital assistant Google has improved its performance by 15% over the past 15 months.

It is worth mentioning that Google has brought the Dutch language to Google Assistant starting from today, it is supposed to support more languages including Arabic later this year.

Do you use a voice assistant in some of the daily tasks? If I am, we shared your experience with it in the comments.

The Google Assistant is superior to all digital assistants in the intelligence test was published first in are.

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