Google Assistant may be part of Samsung Smart TVs next year 2019

samsung smart tv 4k

Given that Bixby is plugin digital to Samsung, it is natural to want the company to use all its smart. However, it is difficult at the same time denying how I have been defeated on many occasions by assistants digital competitors, such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa.

However, if you like the televisions manufactured by Samsung, but you don’t necessarily help its digital, then you will feel happy when you know that he recently released a new report from the site Variety says that in the year 2019, is expected to begin smart TV from Samsung with Google Assistant in addition to Bixby. This means that users will have the option to use Google Assistant or Bixby, according to their personal preferences.

Supposed to be integration with Google Assistant also means that some of the features of this digital assistant can make their way also to the Samsung TVs, such as the ability to control using devices such as a Google Home. Even now, the shadow of the Bixby closed in the face of third-party developers, and this is the reason that the adoption rate of this digital assistant is not large compared with the Alexa and Google Assistant.

However, the company reported Samsung said it plans to open Bixby in the face of third-party developers in the year 2019, but given how competitive in this market, the company Samsung definitely need to do a lot of work to make her intelligence artificial able to keep up with the competition.

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