Google Assistant now lets you set reminders for your family members or your colleagues at home


The company Google added features and stylish new space to its digital Google Assistant, which is the ability to set reminders for other people, such as a family member or a colleague in the House. The positive thing in this feature is that it will allow you to collaborate better with family members or co-product, whether you’re at home or on the go.

The negative thing in this feature is that your relatives are annoying they will get now a new way to push you to do more things. Again, keep in mind that you can send and receive reminders only to and from people in the Google group your family or from the persons who own the accounts tied to the same smart screen or smart speaker. So, at least, will be safe from distant relatives. If these relatives part of a group Google your family for some reason, the good news is that it is easy to prevent anyone from sending reminders to you via Google settings Assistant.

Will be launching this new feature over the next few weeks in both the United States and the United Kingdom and Australia on the screens of smart speakers smart phones. Will this feature in advance with the screen of the smart Nest Hub Max when it is released in the autumn of this year.

Setting reminders is a very simple process, all you have to do is say ” Hey Google, mentioned A. taking out the trash at three in the evening ” one of the supported languages, that’s already what he’s going by the digital assistant Google Assistant. In this example, will receive A. first notice of that was created to remind him, then you will be reminded of the exact time that you requested it. You can even move from all reminders that you have set for a particular person. This feature also works with reminders based on location. So you can also say something like ” Hey Google, remind A. to buy groceries when it reaches the supermarket “.

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