Google Assistant the new generation will work in all countries

This spring, Google presented an updated version of the Google Assistant, which as expected, turned out to be better at everything existing. The company’s developers have done a really great job and taught the assistant to behave as expected voice assistant. As a result Google Assistant began to respond almost without delay, got offline mode, where part of the functions runs without Internet connection, and even learned continuous dialogue, continuing to answer more questions without taking them for an independent inquiry. It is a pity, these benefits can not all.

Updated Google Assistant is only for the Pixel 4, and only for English-speaking users

Despite the fact that from the very beginning it was clear that Google Assistant is a new generation exclusive Google Pixel 4, almost before the launch, Google has decided to introduce even more restrictions. As found by colleagues from the publication 9To5Google, at first the updated assistant will be available in only four countries: USA, Canada, UK and Singapore. This is a state where English is the official language, allowing to assume that at first the assistant will only support this language.

Why Google Assistant is not working in Russian

At first glance it may seem that this is totally illogical. In the end, for many years, Google Assistant works with hundreds of languages and dialects, and means to limit its functionality to just one — albeit an international language — utter nonsense. But if you think about it, all very logical. See for yourself: Google to teach the Assistant to reply without delay and to maintain long conversations, Google had to support it with more than 100 GB of data, which thanks to the AI uzhali to 500 MB. Rather, these data differ from language to language with respect to the speech habits of the native speakers and thus require adaptation for each of them separately.

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Can’t say that the restriction of Google Assistant is a new generation of only four countries is a serious flaw. After all, Russia is Pixel 4 is still officially will not be sold, and thus, buy it and accept only the most ardent enthusiasts who appreciate Android solely because of the line pixel smart phones. Well, who else if not a geek, you have to be to agree to purchase almost half of the cut down device, because the hands-free technology, Motion Sense in Russia to work will not be too.

Is it worth buying Pixel 4

However, want to purchase a new Pixel 4 only because of its cameras. This year Google went against their principles and equipped with the new triple core module, despite the fact that for three years was satisfied with only one. Therefore it would be logical to assume that, coupled with properly configured software, which Google typically there is no problem, Pixel 4 will be photographing at least at the level of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and even steeper. Well, because the novelty will receive more sensors and facial recognition, through which the similarity with the flagship of Apple will be even greater, it will be a good option for defectors with iOS.

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