Google Assistant will soon be able to create playlists news

Google has prepared an update to its virtual assistant, which will add the ability for users to listen to playlists special news via their smart device.

Now users can ask the virtual assistant to play news from the services that they have chosen in the settings assistant. The new function will use artificial intelligence to create and announce special news.

Google compares the innovation with “always available” radio, which can read the news for you. Between the audio notes will not be music or advertising inserts, will be just interesting information for you. You can ask the assistant to skip the news, to repeat the previous note or insert the following. Google has already partnered with news publishers such as Associated Press, Universo Online, the Hollywood Reporter, South China Morning Post and other, materials which will be available in the compilations.

Overall it resembles a small news podcasts that will be convenient to listen to while you’re, for example, to work. Google is interested in the emergence of the new service publications, which can create interesting content for users. However, so far only in English. The update is already gradually began to spread and soon will be available to all users Google Assistant.

Source: The Verge

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