Google begins launch of Google Discover within its search engine on mobile devices

Google announced last month its plan for the next twenty years, to celebrate over twenty years on its inception, including strengthening the capacity of the search engine, so that it knows users care about what of information on how Google Discover.

And Google Discover, which was formerly called the Google Feed, the part of the company’s efforts to display information to users without being asked for. Now Google began to launch Google Discover within the search engine’s home page on the mobile devices.

It is information that you know Google Discover, which is the development of the service Google Now, news, sports and entertainment, based on the results of the search the user or his preferences. This, Google says that the service used by 800 million people per month.

The Google has announced in the month of September for the new service, visual design, and new features. However, the biggest change is that they became available through the page on the mobile devices.

The main Gmail page is very simple with a search bar just opposite the white background, and the bottom of the tape show cards Discover card-style application Google on Android and iOS. In each card we see the image of danger, and aggression, and the summary abridged, in addition to the name of the site date of publication. And in the corner there are three points you can for you choose to hide the news.

It is indicated that this feature comes days after embed analysis service pictures Google Lens in the service of the image search Google Images on mobile devices, which is another step in the framework of strengthening the capacities of the search engine for the next twenty years.

What do you think about new feature of Google? Do you see it useful? Let me know in the comments.

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