Google begins move locations compatible with smart phones to an indexing system modern

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After a year and a half of research and experiments done on Google important step for FAHR sites, after the rise of searches from smart phones assets percentage is the highest of the search engines compared to the web, started whatever I have to Google to develop criteria through which to determine whether these pages are compatible with the duties of air smart or not, where the statistic appeared in the first half of 2017, 60% of the searches on Google coming from smartphones may be increased in the current year.

I was the systems of indexing using web standards on desktop, and that was the standard for surfers Google of smart phones for their access to the results does not correspond to the Interfaces of smart phones and thus they get a bad experience in the information search, but the beginning of today’s date will Google index the sites and installed for that application standards are compatible with the Interfaces of smartphones.

I’ve been notice sites that have succeeded in the application of standards and requirements on tool Search Console, and she said google it, there’s no need to panic the owners of sites that are not notice them, don’t sign for indexing the modern installed pages, but it is a way to collect content that you apply those standards and fits the page mobile.

But in contrast to the signals they encourage webmasters to work on the application of those standards to the duties of smart phones they provide pages compatible of 2015, and the compatibility of your site with interfaces to smartphones helps their users a better experience in your website and thus gives you an advantage over competitors, if you’re of the owners of the sites intended to know more about the criteria that you prefer Google, visit this page.



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