Google begins test delivery of coffee using drones in Australia

Google Drone

Will drones the future of delivery? We know that some companies are already working on such technology, has revealed a video clip recently published by The Wall Street Journal America, in the state of care Australia, choose a company Google already deliver orders using unmanned aircraft.

Through an application that users can download them, they will be able to identify different food items that they want, and the request is sent to the restaurant who will then set up and fill it and attach it to the drone in order to connect it to the client. According to what is said, You’ll be able to choose the delivery location, which means that in case if you are in the park, you’ll be able to put a pin on your site will be delivered to you in this site.

This is unlike service traditional which usually require you to have a static address such as home or office. However, this belief system by Google means that no matter where you are, you will be able to the drone of shipping your coffee or your food to you within minutes, assuming you’re within the scope of the service.

Despite being useful and appropriate to deliver applications quickly, not everyone is intrigued by. There are some residents in the area where the test drones are complaining of the noise produced by the UAV, and other issues such as privacy and safety.

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