Google begins testing a new design for Chrome brings to Material Design

Is expected to reveal Google for more details of the new design at the annual Developers Conference Google I/O early May.

In 2014, the company launched Google’s new design language known as Material Design, and since then began to gradually applied to all its services and applications, and now it seems that the role came on the Chrome Web browser.

Google has begun testing a new design in the latest version of version developers Canary from Chrome, which allows anyone throwing an early look at what is being tested by the company.

Given the design, it can be said that the Addendum the most obvious is the address bar of the new tabs are round, and show the corners rounded on the tabs more like the old design for the Firefox browser, but it is quite different from the tabs of the current with a trapezoidal shape which are found in the current version of chrome.

It seems that the new update coincides with the changes that you make Google Chrome so that be more convenient with system Chrome OS. As the design complies with the corners rounded in Chrome also with the company’s plans for service Gmail has been updated, which will appear very soon.

Referred to as that Google held its annual developer conference Google I/O early May, is expected to offer the police further details about the design of Chrome’s New Material Design Refresh, which is likely to make his way to the products more than just Gmail and Chrome just.

Do you think that the Chrome browser needs to design a new one? Share your opinion of the design of the new and old comments.


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