Google begins to delete the accounts of users of Google Plus the beginning of 2 April

After the amount of intrusions that exposed platform Google for “Google Plus” the company decided in October last to stop work permanently in the coming period to later after the breakthrough of the last for defining the month of April 2019 to start their procedures in this regard, the integration of the vision the day where the confirmed Google to start scanning data of the users of the product will start from April 2.

When will this phase several steps and procedures to ensure that process safety has explained to Google that the beginning of 4 February, no one will be able to create an account in Google Plus new sets or used or until the establishment of the invitations will also be deleting any comments that have been shared in the blogosphere through user accounts in Google Plus.

In the next step with the solutions to the March 7, will the comments of the other sites to begin the process of scanning them comprehensively on the internet on 2 April, in addition to personal data, photos and videos or if you will get rid of the archive of the user on the product fully.

As I explained to the police that the process of deletion, this will not show results in the immediate loss keep portions of the user account visible for a while and then deleted, it also noted that none of the Apps Package G Suit will not be affected by the Delete operation in the event the user has access to through the Google Plus, but would have to be some adjustments in the nose and additions.

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