Google begins to display the thumbnails inside the YouTube application for Android to full screen view

We published days ago a report that the company Google choose to display the thumbnails in the mixer of the video within the YouTube app at full screen width, making it the largest one writes about the content of the video better.

Now the company started the launch of the new feature to all users, so that the thumbnail appears between the edges of the screen bottom to find the name of the video and the channel Publisher and the number of views, in addition to the date of publication.

It is believed that this change, which does not seem significant, but it may be useful to see better the content of the videos Private to the application in a way to make the thumbnails operable automatic, but the sound in the main screen.

Recall that to apply the YouTube for Android system five TAB key inside it, include these tabs: main, which contains the videos recommended based on your viewing history and subscriptions. The second tab is Video common in the state in which you reside, tab the second is subscriptions, there is a tab set which includes notifications and messages, and finally the tab library.

This, can download the latest version of the YouTube application from the Play Store, and you can also download it as APK standalone of here.

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