Google believes in foldable smartphones, and therefore updates its branded app

Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Fold was a pretty rough start, foldable smartphones are still here, and Google, apparently, doesn’t want to miss the chance to take part in this only escalating trend. The search giant, as it turned out vengeance lint on adapting its proprietary applications under the folding screens of smartphones.

Google Photos – one of the first apps developed by the search giant, which now gets the support of the folding screens of smartphones. It’s not that long-awaited, but very important update, given the fact that the world’s first foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold Samsung is expected to debut on the market for 26 April.

The publication 9to5google notes that for those who is the holder of a foldable smartphone, provides the following new features: smooth transition between screens (in the folded and unfolded States) and gapless playback of content. Thus, starting from next week, 200 thousand users of Samsung Galaxy Fold will benefit from the update presented today Google.

But that’s not the only change added in the latest update of Google Photos. Version of the app for iOS has been added a special label that allows the user to first look to see backup any of their videos and photos have not yet been created.

We have launched a new gallery to help you see which of your photos and videos have not been submitted online and pre-select the desired backup. In addition, we have added several improvements to make the app Google photos, compatible with folding devices.

Although the above list of changes is already published in Google Play, an update that contains all new features and improvements, not yet published, but at least now we know exactly what to expect.

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