Google Blog Compass lets you manage your blogs on mobile devices


If the task of managing your blog during development is of interest, lost interest you to know that Google launched a new application in the name of Google Blog Compass is designed basically to prevent smokers way to manage their blogs from their smart phones. This will be more than just an application to allow users to publish their articles, it will kill them also statistics and also highlights the themes common.

According to the company Google, has described this app by saying : ” Google Blog Compass is an application that helps debtors to manage their sites and find Topics To write about. Propose the Blog Compass popular topics based on your interests, and record of publication. You can keep track of site statistics, the approval of comments, and read tips on how to make your blog more successful in one place. The application complies with blogs WordPress and Blogger “.

Even now, look the reviews of the preliminary investigation are largely positive and was able to get a valuation of 4.2 stars out of 5. However, it should be noted that the app is currently available in India only. There is no information about whether Google will provide the app in the end users in other regions, but we don’t see any reason to prevent Google from doing so because bloggers come from all over the world, so we will monitor the situation to see if it actually will happen and when it may happen.



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