Google bring Android P Developer Preview 5 for pixel

Android P

Google revealed today the final release of version developers for Android P which will be available for regular users at some time during the summer running.

The new version – which also bears the name of Beta 4 – brings some important updates to the API the API characteristics of the system existing since the release of Beta 2 including the advantages of the artificial, such as the battery the adaptive brightness, adaptive and quick settings, thereby providing users with a perfect copy of the Android P official associated with, and also test existing applications on the phone.

Android p Android P

In addition, the updated Developer Preview 5 brings with it a bouquet of security patches for the month of July.

On the other hand, the Android P DP5 is the latest version demo copy of the upcoming Android which is available at the present time all phones pixel resolution, but it will not arrive automatically to the users but must be loaded manually either by uploading image files to the source or the update files of the antenna.

It is worth mentioning that the leaks earlier pointed out that the Android P will name Android Pistachio which means in Arabic “pistachio”.

Do you have one of the phones pixel camera and got this the beta version? We shared your impression about it within the comments

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