Google bring theme dark Google Keep

Use Google in paid theme-dark to more applications, where monitoring of the Android Police add style to the dark in the Google application which displays بGoogle Keep.

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It became the default skin to the dark one of the key features for many apps, Photos, Recent, the of in clearer vision in low light in particular, besides the advantage of saving the battery in the phones possible corporate AMOLED.

It is scheduled to comes update Android Q with the dissemination and application of Al dark in a wider range, however, Google’s pushing al the dark for more applications, where confirmed the site of Android Police that the theme of the dark applies to the Google application which displays بGoogle Keep.

The application Google Keep is a Google app used to jot down lists of observations, such as a shopping list for example, or a quick snapshot is taken and stored in the app for later and to that of the observations can be recorded within the app to share it or refer to it at any time.

It is planned that the feature is available theme dark version of the application Google Keep On The Platform landed, where you can enable the default skin to the dark through the Settings app.


I know of

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