Google brings a new feature to share files in the update Android Q know بFast Share

Use Google to bring new feature in the updated Android Q try to feature the Apple to share files AirDrop, to come new feature in the update landed titled Fast Share.

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Allow Google Inc to users of the platform and landed later to share files between phones experience a quick try to what made Apple in the AirDrop, where you won’t need new feature to call to the internet in the beginning, How come the same experience is possible to share the fast phones the iPhone.

And depend the feature of “Fast Share ” new in its work on the call Bluetooth to share files between devices, to be transmitted to transfer content via WiFi, where can the user computer that shows the other or chooses not to appear also when transferring files.

As the function “Fast Share “from the Google the same experience possible for AirDrop, where the user will select a file or more to participate and then clicking on view and selecting devices through the list of devices visible, and in the end you can click on the joint or the transmission.

Include to that the feature “Fast Share “will allow users to share files between phones, Pixel and Chromebooks and hours Andorid smartphone, and also supports file sharing with phones iPhone.


I know of

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