Google brings messaging feature for Google Photos to see quick health

Allows Google users to Google Photos share photos perform quick now, where the search giant messaging feature for Google images now.

Managed Users Google Images previous photo sharing through the establishment of a shared album, only Google offers the choice of new users through private messaging comes built-in Photos app Google on the iOS platform slander, coupled with the application of the photo Google on the browser.

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It is through the messaging feature within the app, users can share photos by sending a message to one of friends, to prove the other party application Google Images too, as the show points of correspondence clearly for the users to choose from, the same experience offered in Instagram, Snapchat, and other messaging apps.

Can also through the private correspondence that the user moves to the start of the talks, complete with one of the contacts or to see more photos during the conversation, so talk application to Google images in the coming period to support users as one application of social media also.

Users can also start group conversations included a large number of users, as each of the members of the group conversations, share photos and videos also.


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