Google brings new design for the Gmail platform on my Android and iOS


Undergone the design of the Gmail app for many improvements over the years, it has depended on the languages of the different design which used Google in the past. It seems that the company Google has now decided to bring a new design for the Gmail platform on my Android and iOS is based on the modern design language Material Design.

According to Google, it has stated by saying : ” Today, we’ll start the year a fresh new look for the Gmail on mobile devices too. As part of the new design, you can view attachments quickly – such as images – without opening or scrolling within the conversation. It’s also easy to switch between personal accounts and accounts work, so you can access all the e-mails effortlessly. And as it is entirely on the web, you will get the warnings in big red to alert you when it appears something is dangerous. “

The company Google changes slowly on its applications and its various services for its new look is in line with the Material Design. Not long to update apps that are part of the package Google G Suite to improve the appearance of the new. This new look will make the application seem ” brighter ” thanks to the count, big on the color white.

I must say that the new look Gmail looks cleaner, although it does not reflect the best of what you can get because Google admitted earlier that the dark appearance helps in prolonging the battery life, so we believe that this White will not provide any service for the lifetime of the battery.


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