Google brings “night mode” to the YouTube application on Android

After his appearance for the first time on the web version, Google announced in March that it plans to bring the dark appearance of the Dark Theme to the YouTube application on Android and iOS.

Users started the YouTube application on the Android platform to obtain the status of appearance of dark or night mode, where they notice a pop-up window at the bottom of the app contains an option to activate a new situation or ignore it.

Persons who have not yet received this feature automatically, they can activate it manually by going to Settings then to General tab where you will find there an option to activate night mode Dark theme. If you don’t find the option new, then you have to wait some time until the arrival of the for you officially.

الوضع الليلي يوتيوب

As is the case on the desktop and SVN or the new situation with the grey color more than the Color Black, where you will get the background of the app settings page, pages, search tabs and everything was white on gray color new.

While you keep the channels the impact of colors on the menu tabs at the top of the app, the biggest influences to the new situation will be on the video page where the video player will take the black color before completely downloading it, which is what makes the visual experience more rewarding.

Launched the new situation to comment on Android today is supposed to reach all users within a few days, in case I got it we shared your experience in the comments.

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