Google builds new social network to rival Facebook

Development of the company, Google’s new social network – after the closure of the service (Google+) actors in the month of April to allow (Shoelace), which is a social network on the local level for people who want to find others to join them in activities, such as sports; and attending performances.

This comes after turning off Google for many, like (Orkut); and (Google Buzz); and, (Google+); and (Allo); and (Google Wave).

Is available this social network at the moment by invitation only, and help you to communicate with others who have common interests itself in certain events and activities personal.

You can create a data card to an event or activity you participate in, and invite friends and strangers to join you, in addition to it will events that you may want to be in.

It is clear even now that a new social network that encourages people to spend less time on their phones, versus spending more time doing anything in real life.

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And Google previously to this concept, as launched in 2011 the service (Schemer) to share and discover things to do, which aims to do the same thing just like (Shoelace).

Service was (Schemer) as a project first undertaken by staff of Google who wanted to experience the ideas were not part of the company’s main products, but closed the service in 2014, which was obviously not enjoyed to great effect.

It encouraged the company over the past few years similar efforts with a through the (Area 120), an incubator for internal pilot projects led to the emergence of interesting applications, such as (Rivet); and (Game Builder); and (Grasshopper); and (Uptime); and (Shortwave).

The application of the new social network (Shoelace) on system Android and iOS, which is currently only available in New York City.

And you can’t at the moment subscribe for the invitation, despite the fact that Google says that its goal is to bring the (Shoelace) to cities all over the United States in the future, without having ideas immediate about the launch of the service globally.

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