Google camera Clips are available for purchase for $ 249

Google confirmed that this smart Camera Wireless Google Clips is not a camera control, which makes it work without any Internet connection.

In the month of October last year, Google officially announced during a press event on a small camera stand-alone allow the Clips are able to capture photos and videos, along with the announcement of its second-generation phones Pixel tried by Pixelbook.

During the earlier this month appeared smart camera Supported of artificial intelligence within the database of the FCC, which noted that the launch of the camera may be imminent.

Now, start Google selling Google camera Clips through the Google Store vs. $ 249, to reach users at the beginning of March, the company can deliver the device by February 27, in the case of choosing the option of fast shipping.

This camera does not pick up any sound, and focus on the photo short video clips, Google explained that they are more intelligent, depending on the use and techniques of machine learning and visual processing to auto-detect the scenes in front of her and then capture a photo or short video clips automatically in the case of this scene was worth celebrating.

And speaking of the possibilities this camera is capable of improving the accuracy of automatic selection of scenes captured through manual training by the user by pressing the shutter button, it is also able to capture a series of images 12 megapixel camera at the rate of 15 frames per second through the lens as soon as you see 130 degrees.

It also supports connect to the wireless network Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along with the included rechargeable battery via USB Port-C, which provides 3 hours of usage, along with 16 GB of internal storage space, allowing for quick file transfers to the phone via Wi-Fi Direct.


Source: Google camera Clips are available for purchase for $ 249

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