Google camera Clips capable of pairing with multiple phones

Enjoy Google Clips that she used the technique of machine learning, so when they run looking camera on the moment best suited to record them, as they are looking for people who know their user to focus on them.

Over the last few years, we have seen the emergence of many of the supported cameras artificial intelligence with the techniques of deep learning, so that allows computer vision algorithms to such cameras to recognize many of the elements of the image automatically like people and smiles and pets and famous monuments.

In spite of these developments in this area, but still auto-imaging is a difficult problem consists in the possibility of capturing camera moment required automatically, which is what Google is attempting to do through the camera of the Google Clips, which launched two months ago from now.

And Google that this camera is small in size is able automatically to capture beautiful moments and spontaneity with the help of machine learning techniques and discover movement.

Now enter the giant search new improvements for Google Clips making them automatically learn more things, in addition to the possibility connected with more than one phone to share these videos with other people easily.

It is through this update can Google Clips to identify additional problems such as dancing and jumping, so start video recording automatically upon the occurrence of such things in front of her.

With try Google the Make of the camera more closely related to the family, has issued a new update to apply the camera Google Clips, which allows the spins by linking the camera to multiple devices through what it calls Google the name of the “pairing family”.


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