Google can provide Pixel Watch in October

Rumors about the imminent withdrawal of Pixel Watch does not cease to this day. The company itself gives reasons to believe that the clock output is very close. And, most likely, the watch will be presented in October this year with new smartphones. Now let’s understand why we came to such opinion.

All about the new rules of publishing applications for Wear OS in Google Play. Currently the app approval process is optional. And any developer can release an app for Wear OS without any additional conditions.

But from October 1 this year, the situation will change. New Wear app will have to undergo a mandatory process of verification by the moderators of Google Play. This refers to the assessment of compliance of application of the guidelines of Google and its functionality. It should be noted that if the Wear-application is not verified, it does not affect the application for smartphones.

We hope that the process of validating applications will improve the quality use Wear applications among a wide range of devices available to your users.

The company also shared the main challenges facing developers during the verification process. The first is to support different types of screens. It could be a square displays, and round with cutouts — the options are really many. The second is the screenshots. Google noticed that many applications for OS Wear in Google Play do not have screenshots. To pass the test, developers will have to use at least one screenshot.

But what is all this? Surely the company wants to improve the quality of the apps for Wear OS not just. Rather, Google plans to surprise consumers in October of this year, presenting Pixel Watch.

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According to the materials of Google

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