Google can send an SMS from your phone. Why

Spam, phishing, kryptogamen. I think everyone has heard about these things and probably faced at least one of them. Despite the fact that to eradicate them completely still failed, we have learned to deal with them effectively enough to not be in constant fear for their safety. Just need to keep track of what links you go and not enter your information anywhere. It is one thing when you have to protect yourself from fraud and completely another when you have to protect yourself from Google or at least those who’s impersonating her.

From your phone go unknown messages in Google? Well conceived

Spoofing is a situation in which one person or program successfully masquerades as another/another by falsifying data and allows to obtain illegal benefits.

Google can send yourself an SMS with your Androidsmartphone, as many do not even know, taking these messages for spoofing. That is why the official support forum in the last time there was so many complaints with relevant content, which users report that someone is using their smartphone to transmit strange messages in Google. Because you never know whether in fact a message left by Google, not some scammers who just signed with the name of “Corporation of good”.

Phone messages are sent to Google

However, it is all quite legally. The fact that in this way Google only confirms that the number that’s tied to your Android smartphone, is still owned by you and used on the same machine. It occurs not constantly, but, according to Google, “from time to time” it can send a confirmation message to comply with safety requirements and not expose their users to risk of hacking. So, if you lose access to your SIM card, Google will not be able to send a confirmation message, and therefore will not send him codes for two-factor authentication and will not recover with it, access to your account.

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Cause for concern users have not even SMS themselves, and their format. As a rule, the confirmation message includes an alphanumeric code, allowing to verify the user phone number and a shortened link in the form of, which is even more confusing. As a result, many start to think that their smartphone or account hacked and turned into a device for sending spam.

How to decouple a room from an Android

However, if you don’t like that Google owns your computer without your knowledge, send her messages or not, you can either disable phone number verification in principle, either change the verification method to any other.

  • To do this, go to “Settings” — Google
  • In the opened window, select “Data, text”;

If you don’t like that Google sends SMS from your smartphone, simply untie the room

  • From there you will be taken to your profile page on Google.
  • Select your phone number and if necessary change it or delete it.

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However, in this case you will lose the ability to quickly restore access to your Google account in the event of any problems, the possibility to use two-factor authentication, which is tied to the cell phone number and will not be able to receive video calls and messages to Google services like Duo and “Messages” that can be used not only for SMS but also as free messages, because this application works as a messenger through the Internet.

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