Google canceled the launch of Google Watch. But they went out under a different name

Product line Google Pixel, despite the fact that is relatively young, is quite wide. Under this brand, the search giant is releasing smartphones, laptops and tablets that is already pretty good, but many users believe that this list is simply obliged to grow a clock of its own production Google. Because the only way the company will be able to take a virtually empty niche of the market, and at the same time to show the competitors how to make wearable electronics that she wanted to use it. But somehow it never happened.

This is the Huawei Watch GT. Google Watch, of course, but at least something

This information has long been kept secret, but Google was developing its own smart watch and planned to release them to the market in 2016. However, when the gadget was ready, the head of consumer electronics Rick Osterloh decided to freeze the project because of its inconsistency with the standards of the company. Still, after hours was bad absolutely everything: from the title (Google Watch) to functionality.

Pixel Watch — what are they

According to rumors, the project smart hours worked LG. At that time, Google has released Google Pixel, which was run by itself, but to afford to produce wearable electronics could not yet. Whether the experience was lacking, or production capacity. In the result the watch turned out not quite what you imagined it to Google. They not only had a completely incongruous with smartphones Google Pixel design, but virtually not interacted with them, limited mainly by the notification of incoming messages and displaying their content.

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Development LG have liked Osterloh that he scolded them for what light is, and constantly saying that they will not sacrifice the reputation of Google releasing so obscene product on sale. Rumor has it that the watch even became the reason of rupture of relations with Google and LG, but if it really is, is not known. However, Koreans seem, this situation did not upset, and they took released the same Google Watch on sale under the name LG Watch Style.

Why Google has not released a smart watch

To many it seems strange that Google since didn’t even try to fix something and release its own smart watch. In any case, it would be logical, because the company has a operating system for wearable devices, which does not have a hardware realization, which for Android is the Google Pixel, but Chrome OS Chromebook Pixel. However, I am confident that the company just think this niche is futile, given that even its smartphones are sold, frankly, so-so. Well, who wants to start production for 10-15 thousand sold devices?

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