Google Celebrates 10 years on the launch of the first phone running Android

قوقل تحتفل بمرور 10 سنوات على إطلاق أول هاتف يعمل بنظام الأندرويد

Returns the beginning of the launch of the Google operating system phones to the year 2008, namely on 23 September at the launch of the company phone T-Mobile G1 working with Android 1, the to announce to everyone entering the world of smartphones a new era of development and competition, and formed a new arena for the display features and characteristics in the shades starting off thunderous for iPhone in that period.

It is understood that the beginnings will not be full system is Android at its launch was a masterpiece of some difficulties, as it has only a limited number of applications within the App Store Google Market, which was offered to the museum the current Google Play which is now teeming with momentum applications in all climate needed by the user, plus it didn’t contain a virtual keyboard, where the design Year version from the experience of the BlackBerry at that time, Require the Working Mechanism of Android system exchange because Google made the Android system is open and focuses particularly on the provision of internet services to the user device can be handled easily and put it in the pocket.

Within two years of its launch it has become more of the operating systems of phones are popular due to updates fast that was taking place, and his work on both phones Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy S, which became in the foreground and compete directly with Apple, and was the only loser of this process are the companies that refused or was responding slow I would think with the Android platform, where it cost her dearly.

Today, the Android like can mine and competitors, and today all the phones of different companies are shown on this system with the exception of phones Apple, of course, the number of Android devices in 2017, about 2 million active device, and not only work on Android smart phones only, it goes beyond that for the tablet and the smart TV also, as well as computers as separate operating system Chrome, which lets take advantage of Android apps via these devices.

Within 10 years just got all this development on the operating system began in a period of challenging and are considered somewhat difficult, but as we see today a massive expansion in all areas, putting Google at the forefront of operating systems the most prevalent, the question remains here, How will the next decade of life Android?

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