Google celebrates Ramadan with a number of new features

Google said that the search for food recipes via a search engine during Ramadan increases by 50%.

At this time of each year, beginning the attention of the Muslims in every place are deposited the announcement of the holy month of Ramadan in their countries, there are countries know solutions month after confirmation of the sighting of the moon Ramadan, there are other states perception according to astronomical calculation, and because some countries will start fasting tomorrow Google announced today a number of benefits that aims to help Muslims to access useful information in this blessed month.

On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, police said that a special tool in the Middle East and North Africa in addition to Indonesia appear when you write the words “Ramadan” into the search engine, there will shows you the information customized and relevant to the place of residence, which includes everything starting from the tips and timing of the cross to the most common.

As for the direction of qibla, have reported to Google that there is a special tool, launched last year, allows to know the qiblah direction easily, which is a Web application that uses augmented reality technology to show the direction of the qiblah in any place of the world. And now it has become possible to use the application Qibla Finder , but an Internet connection, with the possibility to add a shortcut to the application on the Home screen.

And because Muslims often exchanging greetings in the groups, Google has announced about a new service called “pen” Qalam, which provide users with greeting cards ready decorated with lines of Arabic three-dimensional drawn in accordance with the technique of virtual reality with the possibility of customization.

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