Google CEO treats the rumors of the launch of the search engine Google in China


Although Google is a formidable force in the international markets concerning quality, except that there is a market one didn’t disappear after, which is China. Because of the strict laws imposed by China’s censorship laws, I withdrew Google of the country in the year 2010, despite the emergence of rumors earlier this year suggest the possibility of the return of Google to the people’s Republic of China.

At a conference held in the city of San Francisco, spoke Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO about the rumors that talked about the possibility of launching a censored version of the Google search engine in China. Mr. Sundar Pichai has stated in the past that Google is not close to the launch of the Google search engine in China and that this statement is still true. But Sundar Pichai revealed that the company was already targeting the idea of launching a search engine complies with Chinese laws.

He says that based on the tests the interior, the police found that although the laws and regulations of censorship, it is still possible to submit answers to 99 percent of the inquiries. However, it has been noted that due to the sheer number of internet users in China, the 1% still translates to thousands of inquiries that will not be able to provide the appropriate answers.

According to Mr. Sundar Pichai, has stated by saying : ” We wanted to know how would it look if the search engine Google is present in China, so that’s what we’ve built internally. It’s too early, I don’t know if we will succeed in China or not, but we felt that it was important for us to explore this idea. I think it’s important for us to know the extent of the importance of the market and the number of users there. “

However, it has been revealed earlier reports that Google staff protested internally on the idea of the launch of Google’s search engine controlled in China, while want some lawmakers to learn more about Google’s plans about whether they will return to China, and when it may do so.



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