Google challenge its maps to show the earth as spherical

قوقل تُحدث خرائطها وتظهر الأرض بشكلها الكروي - خرائط قوقل

Made Google an update to trade a wide range of use, it appears the earth is spherical when you zoom out, where no longer flat shape routine which relied on the user for years. This new update adds more accuracy to how the review of the land across the maps.

The company has shed light on updated new account via the Google Maps on Twitter, saying “with Google Maps, three-dimensional edition of your desktop is no longer a Greenland bigger than Africa.” So that Africa, already the largest of green land increased by 14 times, only that the maps look flat, even though it is easier in print, but it via the app show the polar regions larger than they actually are, and the less tropical areas and the biggest evidence is Africa, and Greenland !

This is the update the last thing done by the company after the updated section to sketch the discovery in June last, easy how to get to the restaurants, updated etc show the Charging rate of the battery at the beginning of last week when sharing location between users.

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