Google: China use YouTube for the needs of Hong Kong

Disabled Google 210 account on YouTube after she said: China is using the video platform to broadcast the disagreement between the protesters in Hong Kong.

And Google – royal for YouTube – step platforms were Twitter and Facebook, which said earlier this week: if China use social networking sites to spread misinformation and discord among the protesters.

Said Shane Huntley Shane Huntley, of the group the analysis of threats within the security team of Google: the company has taken the actions was to modify 210 the mask after that I discovered that these channels act in a coordinated manner during the loading of videos relating to the protests ongoing in Hong Kong.

Added Huntley “was this discovery is consistent with the observations and actions of modern China-related which is announced by the platform Facebook and Twitter”.

The platform Twitter said earlier this week: if China used its service to broadcast back through the phony accounts as part of the process is supported by the state.

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In line with the results of the Twitter and Facebook, has Google said: she’s discovered the use of virtual private networks – or VPNs, which can be used to circumvent the regulatory system of China known as the Great Firewall (Great Firewall).

And talk Google more about accounts disabled, and what I’ve shared with him, or whether it was going to be the findings of the researchers, noting that China bans Facebook services, Twitter and Google on its territory.

Twitter has announced the shutdown of nearly a thousand active account linked to the protection of the impact of coordinated, coupled with the closure of about 200 thousand another account before they cause any damage.

In the said Facebook: she acted on the advice of Twitter, and removed seven pages and three groups of five accounts with about 15500 follow-up.

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