Google choose to bring her assistant smart Assistant to Android app Messages

There is no doubt that everyone was aware of the extent of the importance attached by the company Google to offer the artificial intelligence, they are working hard to make their services multiple more intelligent, by bringing her smart Google Assistant to it, and now it seems that the role came on the messaging service affiliate.

It appeared that Google choose to bring a Google Account to Android Messages, a messaging app the default SMS for Android system, allowing users to access plugin smart the application directly, so that the plugin will propose to the user recommendations based on the content of text messages, such as the display of nearby restaurants or weather condition.

It should be noted that Google has become attached particular importance to the development of Android Messages, which bring many of the advantages of the messaging application of Allo to him, including the posters, and the web, and replies smart.

And bring Google Assistant is another step closer to bridging the gap between Allo and Android Messages, which Google is working through the cooperation with telecommunications companies around the world to make it a messaging application of the first on Android phones through support for standard Messaging and RCS, and my “communication services rich”, as it is no longer such as the application of conventional messages, it calls, along with text messages, share photos, videos, emoji, animated pictures GIF, location and voice messages.


What do you think about this step of Google? Do you need a Google Account in the Android app Messages? Let me know in the comments.

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