Google Chrome browser end crash problem button to go back

Google Chrome browser soft problem give the button back out

If you are a user of the browser Google Chrome regularly, be sure that the problem you encountered at least once, I enter the site, and it’s not there you’re looking at this site, and when you press the back button keeps your browser in the same page, and you can’t leave it only after several clicks on the icon to fear .

Google Chrome seems like it would put an end finally to this problem, which has been notified of team work Chrome it two years ago, at least according to a report published today .

Team Google Chrome calls this problem a name (the manipulation of the browser history), and continue to a new solution to put an end to it.

Google Chrome browser soft problem give the button back out

The reason for the unfortunate so it in the exploitation of the web sites trust users in the back button by inserting ads malicious in the log tabs, to take advantage of this procedure illegally .

In the browser version of the pilot (beta), has been the discovery of three new codes refer to the solution of this problem the duty location to return the user to the page that we had before entering the site .

As usual it takes a few weeks before watching this feature on the final release of the stable from Google Chrome .


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