Google Chrome gets 14 new themes to the

If you are a fan of dark mode or dark applications, it has got Google Chrome on a 14 Theo recently, among them Thea black, looks like Dark Mode.

Of course, there are many themes dark available Store Chrome, but the themes of the new development of Google, and change the overall appearance of the browser.

Add the black, Theo black and white, which transforms the address bar and tab of the user to the color white appears on the rest of the tabs in black, the rest of the theme uses degrees of the same color: dark blue light yellow, pink, knowing that the changes appear on the tabs and address bar party New, without the interface of the websites itself.

To themes new, head to Page themes Chrome store, where you’ll find a list you can choose from a Experience mower, and then undo if you don’t like clicking on button “Undo” or go to the settings menu and down until you find the option to appearance “Theme” where you can restore the default appearance.

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