Google Chrome Remote Desktop gets on the web version as an alternative

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The Google company detects application Chrome Remote Desktop a while ago, but now users can take advantage of the web version of the New through the move to However, we would like to point out that the users of computers will lose in the near future the application of Chrome Remote Desktop in favor of a version of the new web which provides all the functions available in the application directly from the browser Google Chrome.

Users will have the ability to watch their own computers or to request access to other computers directly from the list of Remote Support. There system creates a code consisting of 12 numbers will automatically be valid for a period of 5 minutes, which is the code that should be entered on the other device in order to get access to it.

Will support the application Chrome Remote Desktop is current to 30 June, after which it will need users of the computers to move to the web version. Will the users of Android and iOS to use the app although in the case of activation put the computer on the Google Chrome browser for mobile devices, you’ll be able to actually use our remote support directly from your browser.


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