Google Chrome supports now the situation Dark Dark Mode on Windows


Unlike what is the case in the past, where the user depends on the own themes based Google Chrome view its actually dark dark, those concerned providing some of the battery power the laptop relying on the least amount of damage to the screen of their computers as is the case with devices mobile phone which has Android system Pie supports this mode by default.

We know in this context that the system and windows holds the advantage of the situation Dark Dark Mode to get all the windows to dark color preferred by some, but this situation does not power on software the most widely used and installed on the system.

But another version of the famous browser Google Chrome number 74 began to call those variables and is associated with the development of Dark Mode when it is the choice of the user on the system.

To this end, we have to update the issuance of the browser Chrome on your computer, go to the “points score” in the top tool bar from there to help then to About.

Browser will contact Google and start automatically analyzed the latest version 74 to finish it the option to restart the browser from the new Relaunch.

We have here the confirmation on your choice, you to place the display dim Dark Mode go to Settings System Settings such as to Colors and choose it Dark to Browser here the display mode opaque.


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