Google Chrome uses more RAM because of the Fix security vulnerability Spectre

Google Chrome

The Google company fixes a security vulnerability Spectre in the browser Google Chrome but it has led to the use of browser RAM more than before. I confirmed the Google company in one of the publications on the official blog that one of the features that protect users from cyber attacks that use the vulnerability Spectre lead to an increase in the rate of use of memory random. This feature provides protection against attacks that use a vulnerability found in most processors for access to parts of memory which are not intended to be accessed.

The detail advantage of Site Isolation by Google Inc. for version 67 Latest the browser Google Chrome. Be activated this feature by default so users should note the increase in the amount of RAM used just after the download the latest version of the browser.

On the other hand, explained Software Engineer at Google, Mr. Charlie Reis that he should be on the browser Google Chrome with the advantage of Site Isolation to do more operations, and this is what can not be done according to him without the sacrifice of some performance.

Explained Google in its publication also that, following this update, will be increased using the browser Google Chrome memory random a set of operating platforms, including ChromeOS, Windows, and MacOS, but it won’t leave users with this problem forever because the company she explained that her team continues to work hard to achieve this behavior is to maintain the security and speed of Google Chrome at the same time.


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